Business Centre Service Agreement

3.2 The Client recognizes and accepts that its personal data may be transferred or made available to all companies in the supplier group, wherever they may be, for the purpose of providing the services provided by that provider. 1. Product Definition 1.1 Mailbox Plus: authorizes the customer to receive emails at the supplier centre indicated in this agreement (“designated centre”). The customer can use the address of the designated business correspondence centre, provided there are exceptions in some locations. 1.2 Telephone response: The customer is entitled to a local telephone number, defined by the provider in the designated centre, a personalized call service during normal business hours, as well as after hours and access to weekend voicemail. 1.3 Virtual Office and Virtual Office Plus: contains all services listed in sections 1.1 and 1.2. In addition, the client has the right to receive faxes in the centre provided for this purpose. Due to postal requirements, the Virtual Office product offers 2 days of private office use per month in the designated centre and a directory of lobbying at the reception. The Virtual Office Plus product offers 5 days of private office use per month in the centre provided for this purpose, depending on availability.

2. This agreement 2.1 complies with the rules of the house: the customer must comply with all the general rules imposed by the supplier on the users of the designated centre. These rules are developed and/or imposed to protect the use of the client-designated work centre. The internal regulations vary from country to country and from centre to centre and these can be requested on the spot. 6.7 The supplier increases the monthly fee for virtual offices each year by a percentage corresponding to the increase in the retail price index for all items or another generally equivalent index that the supplier replaces, if the current legislation does not allow the increase above, the monthly fee for virtual offices is increased in accordance with the internal regulations. This applies only to agreements with an initial start and end date of more than 12 months. Extensions are extended in accordance with point 2.2 and the same increase is applied only for extensions with a start and end date of more than 12 months. This agreement applies for a period of -17 months from the date of application of this agreement. In the event that the licensee violates the terms of this Agreement or causes damage or damage to the premises and amenities provided, the license granted here is terminated without notice 2.2 AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: THIS AGREEMENT LASTS FOR THE PERIOD STATED IN IT AND THEN WILL BE EXTENDED AUTOMATIC FOR SUCCESSIVE THE ROYALTIES FOR EACH EXTENSION WILL BE AT THE MARKET PRICE IN EFFECT AT THE TIME. 2.3 TERMINATION: EITHER THE SUPPLIER OR THE CUSTOMER CAN TERMINATE THIS CONTRACT ON THE END DATE INDICATED IN THE CONTRACT, OR AT THE END OF A RENEWAL OR RENEWAL PERIOD, NOTIFYING THE OTHER IN WRITING AT LEAST TWO MONTHS.