La State Board Of Nursing Collaborative Agreement

An agreement on collaborative practice must specify the requirements of the authorizing physician to the prescribed authorities. The NP may prescribe prescription drugs and schedule II-V controlled substances. Admin. Code No. 46-XLVII.4513 (D) Advance for NPs- PAs, a trade journal, recently reported a significant increase in average wages for nurses in the State of Louisiana from $90.00 in 2010 to $98,076 in 2011, an increase of 6.1%. Nurses in the city of New Orleans were some of the best compensated in the state, reporting an average salary of $100,920, while NPs in Lafayette and Shreveport earned an average of $94,350 and $94,000, respectively. The 2011 National NP Compensation Survey of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners showed that in the southeast region, including Louisiana, the NP`s base average salary was 87,653 $US and the average total income was $96,916. In particular, during the last Parliament, legislation was introduced that would have prevented the SBSA from “limiting the right of an advanced and registered physician and nurse to participate in a collaborative practice agreement, as provided by R.S. 37:913.” See House Bill 1215, 2014 Regular Legislative Session. The legislation has not been passed. Therefore, the proposed LSBME rule should continue the rule-making process. Hospitals whose hospitals are occupied by mid-level doctors and providers should be aware of these rules that are part of the administrative regulatory process. To be eligible for the APRN license in Louisiana, you must complete a graduate, postgraduate or doctoral program in your chosen best practice function.

The program must be provided through a regionally accredited university or university. The facility must offer care as a major or offer a concentration in the role and specialty APRN for which you aspire to national certification and a government license. Louisiana nurses have order authority and therefore need a Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) with a state-certified physician or dentist. NPNs are recognized as primary service providers in public policy. AN NP chooses a population centre that refers to one of the areas of study and concentrated practices made available to a collection of particular people with common characteristics. A large population-based study centre covers the common problems and aspects of this group of patients, as well as comorbidities, interventions and likely reactions to these problems. For example, neonatal, pediatric health, women`s health, adults, family, mental health, etc. the. administrator. Code 46-XLVII.4505 You can follow other advanced study options, including nursing training, care management and care management. Complete the collaboration agreement form and submit your mutual agreement, which is specifically mentioned for the parameters of collaborative practice, clinical practice guidelines, your responsibilities and those of the physician, as well as patient care methods, including the normative authority on legendary drugs and controlled substances. This cooperation agreement must be submitted to the Board of Directors before you can practice as a nurse in Louisiana.

If your APRN license has expired, you will need to apply for reinstatement to Louisiana legal practice. If you have not worked in five years or more, you will need to undergo another substantive review.