Residential Tenancy Agreement Section 87

If a lessor is unable to terminate the eviction in point 1 (b), the lessor can apply to the court without notice for an order to terminate the lease. Subsections (4) to (9) section 51 apply, for all necessary changes, to a termination granted by the owner of a pension. the fund refers to the residential rental fund created by Section 127 The lessor must also include in the tenancy agreement a declaration made and signed by the lessor, which is established and signed by the lessor – sections 13 to 13D of the main law (replaced by sub-section 1 of this section) apply to any grant , amending or renewing a lease agreement on December 1, 1996. This section applies to a lease agreement (the current lease) resulting from the extension or renewal of a previous lease (the previous rent). the names, addresses or telephone numbers of persons who wish or may become tenants of residential buildings in which the premises constitute a barracks or inn located by an employer to house the workers of that employer or (if the employer is a business) to house workers from a related company (in the sense of Section 2, paragraph 2): subject to the following provisions of this section , any tenant can: who is alone, or both or more tenants who sit together, who exercise all or one of the powers and powers of the jurisdiction. To avoid doubts, Section 54 (which provides that the court may order that a lessor`s notification be ineffective in certain circumstances) applies to pensions. The obligation in paragraph 1 does not apply to a contact person whose name and contact information are included in a pension lease. For the purposes of Sections 15, 21A and 43, the lessor is taken for granted under the lease, since he acquired the lessor`s shares under the subfoot, and the provisions of these sections apply with the necessary amendments: the court is satisfied that the provisions of the lease, the interests of the parties, the interests of the parties , the provisions of the lease, the interests of the parties and any other relevant circumstances of the case, inconsistency, exclusion, amendment or limitation should be allowed. The transfer of the Director General to all disputes and proceedings arising from settlements, any or all of the powers conferred on the Director General by section 124 for the proceedings covered by this Act: at any time within one year of a sale under section 62A(5) (b) (b) (b) (ii) or as part of an order of Section 62B (2) (b) (b) the tenant may ask the manager for payment of the proceeds of the sale on current account of home rents. , and the manager must either make this payment to the tenant or, if there is a reasonable reason for this, refer the matter to the court.

who cannot be legally occupied by that person for housing purposes (whether it is a general purpose or a particular dwelling for which that person is employed); this section does not exclude a provision in a lease agreement whererifying the other party (the debtor) from reasonable charges or commissions paid or incurred by the creditor to recover or recover a payment due by the debtor to the creditor on the orders of the court. the fact that a service address has been provided in accordance with Section 15 or Section 16.